Corporate communication plays today a key role in the management of organizations, by helping them project who they are and what they do and by participating in the decision making process. In charge of managing relationships with the organization’s stakeholders, corporate communication contributes to enhance the quality of corporate and business decisions. It also steers the organizational identity processes at the heart of corporate branding. It therefore contributes to the management of the organization’s reputation capital, a key factor influencing the ability of an organization to attract strategic resources. In this, it is a strategic partner of other corporate functions: for instance in managing relationships with investors, it interacts with financial managers; in dealing with public authorities and regulators, it collaborates with legal services in addressing issues of identity and corporate culture.


This is the core business of Polytems Hir.

In this area, we address our efforts to the highly specialized market of investor relations for mid and small caps firms.  We help companies to:

Build strategies and increase stock visibility
Create value for the issuer and the stakeholders
Motivate institutional investors
Recruit the most qualified key investors
Identify shareholders
Monitoring investment on the Company
To stand out the intrinsic value of the Company
Reflect the company’s proper value onto its stock
Reduce the stock volatility
Increase the level of trust between investors and the issuer
Raise the awareness of small shareholders
Raise capital


Polytems Hir acts as advisor for sound financial communication strategies during capital market operations on the primary and secondary markets:

Communication during public offerings (IPO, OPA, OPS)
Investor Relations
Organization of road show in Italy, Europe, USA, Middle East
Support during financial calendar events
Capital Increase
M&A activities
Capital market intelligence
Communication strategies for bonds and corporate bonds
Corporate restructuring
Corporate governance

We help companies to:

Keep their stock’s visibility high
Improve and protect their reputation
Raise money
Build their brand
Mantain the financial community’s trust


Meeting key investors and maintaining a dialogue with existing shareholders help companies maximize share value. And connecting institutional investors worldwide with companies that fit their specific criteria is something that Polytems does very well.
Polytems ensures you meet with key decision-makers, institutional investors and portfolio managers who understand and are interested in your company.


Polytems ‘s market knowledge + decision makers access + perfect execution = High C-level ROIT.


The media represent an indispensable communication tool that both supports capital market operations and helps build, modify and reinforce a company’s visibility as well as enhance its image. An extensive understanding of communication techniques along with a knowledgeable use of the media is, therefore, fundamental to the success of any communication strategy.
Polytems Hir understands the intricacies of financial and sector media and works to generate the awareness and momentum that are key to the success of its clients’ operations.

With a highly specialized team that is completely dedicated to Media Relations, Polytems Hir is ready to:

Analyze and define the most effective strategies
Write and distribute press releases for clients
Set-up interviews
Set-up press conferences
Help companies enter new markets and launch new products
Create, modify and sustain company brands
Interpret media talk



Polytems Hir Tax Reclaim Dpt, is the tax information reporting services dedicated to financial institutions and their clients, receiving cross-border investment income.
We help maximize investment returns by ensuring that investors benefit from our extensive tax treaty research and receive all income to which they are legally entitled.

We offer clients an efficient and cost-effective way to reclaim tax on cross-border dividend income with a comprehensive range of taxation services including:

  • Standard Refunds
  • Quick Refunds
  • Aberdeen / Denkavit Tax Reclaim
  • Tax Document Management


Cross-border tax reclaim is a highly complex and time consuming process. Available entitlements and recovery speeds vary greatly and depend on many factors, including beneficial owner entity type, the type of income earned, and the country of both the investor residency and investment. In Italy, the process of tax reclaim could take between 6 months after the tear off of the coupon – if the process is appropriate manged – to 4/5 year to receive the income from the Italian Tax Authorities. Documentation and reporting requirements are subject to frequent change and errors can be costly and expensive.

Whether you are an investor or an intermediary, Polytems Hir has the right approach and team to meet the tax reclaim needs of the investment community.


Polytems Hir has the right and necessary experience and know-how to guide clients through moments of crisis during which the company’s reputation, sales, profits, as well as perceived stability are potentially at risk and uses effective leadership, communication and operational tactics to win back the trust of investors that may have been somewhat shaken.

Polytems Hir, has developed experience and know-how to manage at he highest level of leadership communication and the operating system.

Crisis communication strategy
Crisis Media Relations
Rehabilitation of the company’s reputation


Simulate meetings to effectively manage communication.

Rehearse the questions that could be asked by either investors or the financial press and make sure that top company management is prepared to provide the most effective answers in Italian, English and French.

Polytems Hir organizes two different types of coaching:

to prepare for meetings with the financial community (analysts and investors)
to be ready for meetings with the press.


Periodically Polytems Hir surveys international financial markets to know the inclination and the interest to invest in Public Italian Companies.
We often monitoring the financial community in order to understand how its clients are perceived by the market. The monitoring is extensible to brand and sector positioning.


With the help of a carefully selected team of graphic designers, Polytems Hir works on its clients image through:

Coordinate image restyling
Logo analysis
Bill of the line