Rome, London (January 25th 2018). Polytems HIR Corporate Access (Polytems), a company active in the Investor Relations and Corporate Communications services, is pleased to host today the 2nd Annual Polytems Hir Investor Day in Frankfurt, the investor conference dedicated to small and medium Italian firms in Frankfurt. The event has been co-organized with Banca Akros (Banco BPM group), a leading byword for institutional investors and listed and non-listed corporates in Italy and equinet Bank, a German independent player with a special grasp for mid-sized companies both members of ESN partnership offering the highest small-mid cap coverage in Europe.

It is a one day conference with primary Italian Companies in a series of both one-on-one and small group meetings – 98 meetings scheduled in total. The roadshow is attended by institutional investors from Germany, both Mutual Funds, Family Offices and Asset Managers. The 11 Italian listed companies attending are: AVIO (Space Industrial Engineering), d’AMICO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING (Shipping, EL.EN (Medical devices), ELICA (Cooker Hood), ENAV (Italian Air Navigation Service Provider) FIDIA (Industrial Engineering), GAMENET (Gaming industry), INDEL B (Mobile Refrigeration Industry), MOLMED (Healthcare) REPLY (Technology) PRIMA INDUSTRIE (Industrial Engineering).

The General Consul of Italy in Germany, Dr. Maurizio Canfora, opened the Investor Conference confirming its attention and care to help Italian Companies in relations with the German world and market.

Commenting on the event, Bianca Fersini-Mastelloni, Polytems CEO, said “We are delighted to have organized our 2nd Annual Polytems Investor Day in Frankfurt, an international conference in the largest financial centre in continental Europe. We like to think that over time this our investor conference will become a recurring opportunity for Italian companies to interact with the German financial community, which have already shown particular interest in getting to know Italian companies, stocks and financial products. Our goal is always to help the firms to get a constant attention from investors, in Italy and abroad, to better communicate their equity stories and strategies in order to increase their shareholder base. This year more companies as well as more investors attended the Conference that is Mifid II compliant. Our relationship and joint forces with Banca Akros and equinet Bank were smooth and extremely productive. We really hope to continue to strengthen this fruitful cooperation in the future along with the essential support of Borsa Italiana.

Francesco Previtera, Head of Research at Banca Akros, said “We have always been fully committed to provide top services to our customers, giving to the companies the best opportunities to meet investors interested in their equity story and strategies. We constantly work to create investment opportunities for the institutional community and Germany is a key market for us. In 2018 the Italian mid-small environment remains exciting: the introduction of fiscal exemption on individual savings plans (the so-called PIR) creates for the coming four years a non-speculative demand of investment opportunities in stocks and bonds issued by Mid&Small caps, offering those companies an unprecedented opportunity to access more funding sources alternative to the banking sector”.

Tim Schuldt, Head of Research at equinet Bank added: “As a partner in the ESN network our focus is to provide our customers with interesting investment opportunities and corporate contacts not only from our German universe but across Europe. This event shows very well the benefits of the network for us, our partners in Europe and our clients”.

The Investor Conference was also supported by Borsa Italiana, Elite Connect, Meetyl, Morrow Sodali and Twice Corporate.



Bianca Fersini Mastelloni is Chairman and CEO of Polytems HIR. She is a seasoned consultant in Corporate Communication with extensive experience for over 30 years. Since 1999 she is active in Investor Relations and Financial Communication for companies listed on the major financial markets. Bianca provides strategic IR, corporate access in Italy, Europe, USA, investor’s market intelligence, profiling investors, critical communication and reputation. A scholar of issues pertaining to Communications and Investor Relations. Bianca studied at SUNY – State University of New York, Buffalo and at Boston University, Boston, and she works as lecturer with some Italian University. Bianca is author of the book Investor Relations ed Etica , Efficacia e Vantaggi Competitivi - edited from Guerini e Associati - as of as several articles about Investor Relations and financial communication.