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Polytems HIR Corporate Access, the Financial Communication and IR advisor, yesterday organized a Roadshow in London for the Elica – an Italian company active in the cooker hood market and world leader – to encounter some selected investors. The Roadshow was organised in the format of an investor’s lunch presentation and some one-to-one meetings. In more details, Antonio Recinella, CEO of ELICA has met, among the others, GLG PARTNTERS, INVESCO, ENNISMORE, JP MORGAN, LBV ASSET MANAGEMENT, etc.

Elica has been present in the cooker hood market since the 1970’s, is chaired by Francesco Casoli and led by Antonio Recinella. It is also a European leader in the design, manufacture and sale of motors for central heating boilers. With over 3,600 employees and an annual output of over 19 million units, Elica has eight plants, including in Italy, Poland, Mexico, Germany, India and China. With many years’ experience in the sector, Elica has combined meticulous care in design, judicious choice of material and cutting edge technology guaranteeing maximum efficiency and reducing consumption.

Antonio Recinella, CEO of Elica S.p.A. said “It is a perfect moment for us to meet the vibrant and always interesting UK based financial community. We have just presented the new 3-Year BP and we are proud to forecast substantial increase both in revenues and in margins. I want also to point out that this will be supported by a revolutionary group digitalisation project. We are progressing in a solid way and thanks to the stock price positive performance and our rewarding strategic vision, we hope to be ever more appreciated by the financial markets, as long as by all our stakeholders”.

Bianca Fersini-Mastelloni, CEO of Polytems HIR, commentedWe are delighted to have organized this roadshow in London for a small Italian gem, thus giving them the chance to talk to top-tier funds.   Our ultimate goal is to help the firms to get a constant attention from the right investors, to better communicate their equity stories and strategies in order to increase their shareholder base.”


Simona D'Agostino Reuter

Simona is a finance professional with 15 years experience in Investor Relations and Financial Communications and a lengthy track record in both B2B and B2C companies. For several years, she has been Head of IR for the blue-chip group and gaming leader Lottomatica-GTECH (now IGT, listed on NYSE), based in Italy and in the US. She gained overtime an extensive experience in IR and in managing investor perceptions also through difficult transitions and challenging times.