Rome, London (April 28th 2017). Polytems HIR Corporate Access, active in the Investor Relations and Corporate Communications services, yesterday organized a roadshow in New York for EL.EN. – the Italian hi-tech industrial group operating in the opto-electronics – to encounter some selected investors. Andrea Cangioli, CEO of EL.EN., has met, among the others, Lazard A.M., Federated and Rotschild N.A..

EL.EN. is the laser market leader in Italy and among the top operators in Europe. It designs, manufactures and sells worldwide medical laser equipment used in dermatology, cosmetics, physiotherapy, dentistry and gynecology. The company is listed on the Italian Stock Exchange – Star segment – with a current market cap of 632 million Euro.

Andrea Cangioli, CEO of EL.EN. S.p.A. said “It is a pleasure to notice that our company is well known also in the US, as the number of our American shareholders is increasing.  Last year, we marked the best results of our history and we are proud to present our achievements to the market and to our shareholders. Thanks to stock price positive performance – it just touched its maximum exceeding 32 Euro yesterday – and our rewarding strategic vision, we hope to continue to be fully appreciated by the financial markets as long as by all our stakeholders”.

Bianca Fersini-Mastelloni, CEO of Polytems, commented “We are delighted to have organized this roadshow in New York for our long term client thus giving them the chance to talk to top-tier funds.  As a facilitator of financial relations, Polytems is honoured to bring together institutional investors and corporate clients who can enjoy a privileged time to gain visibility and exposure respectively. Our ultimate goal is to help the firms to get a constant attention from investors, to better communicate their equity stories and strategies in order to increase their shareholder base”.

About Polytems | HIR

Polytems is a leading Corporate Communications company with a focus on Investor Relations, Corporate and Financial Communication. For more than 18 years, Polytems provided its services to small, mid-cap companies and institutional players such as banks, brokers, asset managers, mutual funds and local PA entities. With offices in Rome and London, Polytems has a truly international approach and reach.

Polytems is Premium Partner Equity Market of Borsa Italiana, London Stock Exchange Group.


Bianca Fersini Mastelloni is Chairman and CEO of Polytems HIR. She is a seasoned consultant in Corporate Communication with extensive experience for over 30 years. Since 1999 she is active in Investor Relations and Financial Communication for companies listed on the major financial markets. Bianca provides strategic IR, corporate access in Italy, Europe, USA, investor’s market intelligence, profiling investors, critical communication and reputation. A scholar of issues pertaining to Communications and Investor Relations. Bianca studied at SUNY – State University of New York, Buffalo and at Boston University, Boston, and she works as lecturer with some Italian University. Bianca is author of the book Investor Relations ed Etica , Efficacia e Vantaggi Competitivi - edited from Guerini e Associati - as of as several articles about Investor Relations and financial communication.