CharityStars goes brave and launches the first global currency addressed to the charity eco-systems. CharityStars  listed its AidCoin gathered 16 million € in 90 minutes from 1500 investors.

CharityStars, since 2012 is a well-established, VC-backed charity fundraising company. Since its inception, CharityStars’ team of 25 professionals has worked with 500+ charities including Unicef, Save the Children, Red Cross and WWF . CharityStars’ core competency is the ability to forge high-level partnerships between charities, celebrities and high-profile corporations. Unlike other projects looking to tokenize the non-profit sector, CharityStars has developed an ecosystem of charities, donors, celebrity donors and gala events which will be key to facilitate the immediate use of the token.

CharityStars is launching the first worldwide blockchain-based thorough solution to uniquely trace donors’ endowment and charities’ effective usage of allocated funds. After 4 years of continuing growth, the successful start-up – with staff based in London, Los Angeles and Milan – takes competition one step ahead and sets the ultimate standard for charitable fundraising activities. CharityStars, therefore, has the capabilities and resources to fulfil the blockchain promise to the nonprofit world.

CharityStars will also be the first external fundraising platform to accept payments in AidCoin and will utilize the token internally to incentivize adoption. Over 40,000 bidders within the CharityStars community will be required to purchase and keep AidCoin tokens in order to participate in the most exclusive auctions. ICO supporters will be able to immediately use the AidCoin token on CharityStars to participate in the five hundred monthly high-profile auctions featuring celebrities, artists and luxury brands


Bianca Fersini Mastelloni is Chairman and CEO of Polytems HIR. She is a seasoned consultant in Corporate Communication with extensive experience for over 30 years. Since 1999 she is active in Investor Relations and Financial Communication for companies listed on the major financial markets. Bianca provides strategic IR, corporate access in Italy, Europe, USA, investor’s market intelligence, profiling investors, critical communication and reputation. A scholar of issues pertaining to Communications and Investor Relations. Bianca studied at SUNY – State University of New York, Buffalo and at Boston University, Boston, and she works as lecturer with some Italian University. Bianca is author of the book Investor Relations ed Etica , Efficacia e Vantaggi Competitivi - edited from Guerini e Associati - as of as several articles about Investor Relations and financial communication. Bianca has been selected as the most influential CEO 2023 in Italy for Investor Relations and Financial Communications by CEO Monthly, the international publisher of AI Global Media.